Purple Martin Products

Are you a birder? Conservationist? Do you have an interest in providing a home for a species that is entirely dependent on human landlords? Ravenox is pleased to offer the widest variety of Purple Martin products, and our commitment to bring you the best Purple Martin products at the best prices.

What is a Purple Martin, you may ask? The Purple Martin is a species of swallow that nests primarily in man-made housing, and over time has become completely dependent on humans to provide their habitat. Historically, Purple Martins have relied on pre-existing shelters that are created by other animals or formed naturally by rock and tree cavities. Over time, as humans began building shelters for Purple Martins and as the prevalence of natural cavities declined, these birds came to rely on humans to supply them with a place to live each spring when they migrate from South America to breed in the United States. 

Ravenox is happy to offer everything you need to become a Purple Martin landlord. Check out our website and keep an eye open for more Purple Martin information, products, and resources to come.

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