Purple Martin Gourds

The Purple Martin count in the Southeast United States is growing! Are you prepared? Ravenox has got you covered Be on the lookout as the Purple Martins continue to move north in the next couple of months.  If you need housing for incoming Purple Martin tenants, we’ve got you covered with Ravenox Purple Martin Gourds. Here’s how:

Protection. An important thing to consider when choosing a Purple Martin home is protection from predators. The Purple Martin’s main predators consist of owls, hawks, and raccoons that are able to reach into gourds and grab young birds. All of our Ravenox gourds are made slightly narrower than average, and uniquely deep at 14.5 inches, providing protection from predators that may attempt to reach inside.

Easy Access. Being a Purple Martin landlord involves checking on your tenants and monitoring Purple Martin homes for competitor nests. Each Ravenox Purple Martin Gourd is complete with a twist-off cap covering a threaded access port that allows an easy means of accessing nests and cleaning out the gourd when the Purple Martins have moved on for the year.

Safety and Comfort. Purple Martin homes should be white and UV-resistant to keep the house cool and protect from sun damage. Our gourds are UV-protected, opaque, and made from high-density polyethylene to keep your Purple Martin tenants safe and comfortable.

Wing Entrapment Prevention Options and Easy Exit. Wing entrapment is a common problem in Purple Martin gourds and occurs when a Purple Martin becomes trapped in the entrance, often when fending off rivals and attempting to exit the gourd sideways. When this happens, traffic is blocked into and out of the gourd, and the birds trapped inside the gourd as well as the trapped bird in the entrance can die. The Ravenox Purple Martin Vertical Gourd with Starling Resistant Entrance Hole and the Ravenox Purple Martin Horizontal Gourd with Starling Resistant Entrance Hole each have a long and narrow tunnel, preventing wings from becoming lodged inextricably in the entrance. All Ravenox gourds also contain an installed Traction Kit, which lines the inside of the gourd with a traction pad to facilitate easy exit.

Accessories. Additionally, Ravenox Purple Martin Gourds each have an extra-wide, textured porch for perching area, four pilot holes in the neck for possible ventilation, and hanging holes drilled front to back, allowing the gourd to be hung on a straight rod.

House all of the Purple Martins you can this season with the option of 1 through 48 packs of our Ravenox gourds! What are you waiting for? Head on over to our website to purchase a made-in-America Ravenox Purple Martin Gourd.

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