Recon Foundation

ReKindle USA donates 10% of every purchase made on our website to the Marine Reconnaissance Foundation.

Marine Reconnaissance Foundation

The Marine Reconnaissance Foundation is the leading foundation supporting Marine Recon Operators, U.S. Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsmen and their spouses and children, as well as ex-servicemen and retired personnel.

Despite the significance contributions made by the Marine Reconnaissance Forces towards National Security, their services remain unrecognized by most. Many organizations, funds and corporations are providing assistance to other military personnel. The Marine Reconnaissance Foundation, however, honors the services of the brave men of the Marine Reconnaissance Community, as well as their immediate family members. Serving the best of our Nation to the best of our abilities has been their guiding philosophy as well as the philosophy of those of us at ReKindle USA.

The Foundation connects with the personnel and their families during both their military tenure and after subsequent discharge from services. To help all personnel and their families they offer services that include:

  • Critical, immediate and ongoing support for the wounded personnel on-duty
  • Emergency financial support and veteran assistance for the families of the Recon Community
  • Family services and command support
  • Educational assistance to the children of the serving members and retirees
  • Legal services and assistance for all Foundation members and their families
  • Medical and psychological counseling and assistance for post-traumatic stress disorders
  • Any other technical or financial assistance for veterans and their families

It is our honor at ReKindle USA to support this important foundation and the outstanding Marines of the Marine Reconnaissance Forces.

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