Book - A Purple Martin Journey
Book - A Purple Martin Journey
Book - A Purple Martin Journey
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Book - A Purple Martin Journey


After enjoying Purple Martins in all my growing up years, then caring and developing products for them for 25 years, and also knowing that J.L. Wade, Chris Slabaugh Sr., and Victor Stoll wrote books after seriously caring for Purple Martins for many years, I also felt moved to put our valuable experiences, in print.

This book is written on behalf of the many people that want to become a Purple Martin landlord. Maybe the avid landlords also can pick up a tip or two. I want to preserve our experiences for our children, and for generations to come and also for the thousands of landlords that we have corresponded with through our family business, Troyer's Bird Paradise, LLC.

Our wish is that this book will help all who read it to ENJOY PURPLE MARTINS even more. We also wish that it would provide information so that all who read it can better care for these precious purple gems. We have learned a lot, but have also learned that there is a lot more yet to be learned. We will all keep our ears and eyes open and see what will take place in the years to come. Hopefully you will enjoy this book as we relate our many experiences. We trust that our journey will be a help to your success. Yes, that you can enjoy the Purple Martins more, and fledge many more babies every year.

Author: Andrew M. Troyer

Photographers: James R. Hill III and Diane Oberlander

Publisher: Bang Printing, 1st Edition (August 2016)

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 9780997323900

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