Book - Bring Back The Bluebirds - Even on Your Hand
Book - Bring Back The Bluebirds - Even on Your Hand
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Book - Bring Back The Bluebirds - Even on Your Hand


The Eastern Bluebird is a bird that shortens the long winters. Already on a sunny (may even be very cold) February day, as you walk the open country, you can hear their most beautiful song s they fly high overhead. They are already taking steps to establish their nesting territories. Winter boredom now has left, because their song has told me, in such a lovely way, that spring is just around the corner.

The Eastern Bluebird is not the "bluebird" (Blue Jay) that visits your regular feeding station. It is much smaller and does not usually mix in with regular feeder birds. It is slightly larger than the common House Sparrow, and is a cousin to the American Robin. The male can be seen on the front, and the female on the back, cover of this booklet. As you can see, the male is much deeper sky blue than the female. Bluebirds are kept busy raising two to three broods per season, from March until August. The female lays from three to six light blue eggs per clutch and incubates them from twelve to fourteen days. Approximately 5% of the clutches are of white eggs instead of blue. Both the male and female feed the young for about eighteen days, then they fledge (leave the nest). Both parents teach their fledglings how to hunt for insects. In addition, the female builds most of the next nest. Fledglings have been seen helping their parents feed the second and/or third broods.

In this booklet Andrew Troyer shares with you what he personally experienced growing up with bluebirds and managing his own bluebird trails for more than 15 years. He will also share what he has picked up from other bluebird enthusiasts. Last, but not least, he will share the many thrills he has gotten from hand-feeding wild bluebirds. It is his wish that you will greatly enjoy and benefit from it all, and bring back the bluebirds, perhaps even on your own hand.

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