Deluxe 12 Gourd Rack Combo Kit
Deluxe 12 Gourd Rack Combo Kit
Deluxe 12 Gourd Rack Combo Kit
Deluxe 12 Gourd Rack Combo Kit
Deluxe 12 Gourd Rack Combo Kit
Deluxe 12 Gourd Rack Combo Kit
Deluxe 12 Gourd Rack Combo Kit
Deluxe 12 Gourd Rack Combo Kit
Deluxe 12 Gourd Rack Combo Kit
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Deluxe 12 Gourd Rack Combo Kit


**The Ravenox Deluxe Gourd Rack Combo Kit - Vertical version is currently on backorder. Orders for this item will ship on or around June 15, 2020.**

The Deluxe 12 Gourd Rack Combo Kit Includes Everything You Need To Get Started:

The Deluxe 12 unit Gourd Rack is 14 FT tall

The hub lowers and raises without turning while doing nest checks. Pole is made from 2" square high tensile aluminum and stands 14 feet tall. The 3/8" round aluminum horizontal gourd arms can lift off for easy nest checks or pull the hitch pin and remove the gourd. The hub has nylon glides for smooth raising and lowering. Includes 45 feet of long lasting polyester rope. Rack ships with a 2 piece 14 foot pole, heavy-duty ground stake, top perch rods, 12 aluminum gourd arms, hitch pins, rope winder, hub with attached eye-bolt rope and pulley. Easy assembly.


12 Vertical or Horizontal Gourds with Conley II Entrances

The Ravenox Purple Martin Vertical Gourd is the best gourd on the market. Made in America, these vertical gourds offer a slightly different footprint from natural gourds or other synthetic gourds and are somewhat narrower, but very deep. The deep cavity provides a real measure of safety from predators like owls, hawks and raccoons that attempt to reach into the gourd and snatch young birds. The Ravenox Gourd is a one-piece, 14.5 inches deep (our deepest gourd), opaque, high-density polyethylene plastic gourd with a threaded access port, covered by a twist-off cap for nest checks, nest replacements, or end-of-season clean-outs. The tunnel has a textured porch for perching area and an internal traction pad facilitates easy exit for the birds. There are four pilot holes in the neck for possible ventilation if desired.

The Ravenox gourd has hanging holes drilled front to back to be hung on a straight rod; we recommend that they be hung on the horizontal arms of the Deluxe Gourd Rack, Expandable Gourd Rack or Trendsetter Gourd Rack.


Pole Guard - Square

Protect your Purple Martins from climbing predators such as raccoons and small snakes. This aluminum pole guard is 24 inches long with a 7-1/2 inch diameter. The guard installs around the pole, there is no need to remove the house. This predator guard is designed for use on any 2 inch square pole that uses a rope and pulley. There are two styles to choose from: Square, for 2 inch square poles and Round, which fits round poles in sizes 3/4 inch to 2-3/8 inch outside diameter.


One Troyer-Haskel Tunnel Trap

This two-piece Troyer-Haskell Tunnel Sparrow Trap fits ALL tunnels. It traps English House Sparrows and also allows you to capture the Purple Martin for band reading or other purposes. The traps includes an aluminum shutter door and trip wire. Perfect for all Troyer Horizontal and Vertical Gourds.


Installation and trapping instructions included.

Pine Straw for 12 gourds

Purple Martins love pine needles. They dry out quicker than wood shavings. We are pleased to be able to provide you this quality non-treated dried Florida Pine Straw. On average you use two handfuls per Ravenox Gourd and one handful per room or tray. Sprinkle some straw on the ground and watch your martins help themselves.

Purple_Martin_Migration_Timeline_Ravenox_Bird_House_Purple_Martins_Gourd_Rack_Bluebird_Sparrow_Horizontal_Gourd_Rack_Pine_Needles_Straw Ravenox_Deluxe_Purple_Martin_Gourd_Rack_Kit_Bird_House_Birds_Easy_Access_Port_Cap_Nest_Check

Made in the USA

Choose Between:

12 Unit Deluxe Gourd Rack with Horizontal Gourds

12 Unit Deluxe Gourd Rack with Vertical Gourds

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