Ravenox Sparrow and Starling Eliminator Trap
Ravenox Sparrow and Starling Eliminator Trap
Ravenox Sparrow and Starling Eliminator Trap
Ravenox Sparrow and Starling Eliminator Trap
Ravenox Sparrow and Starling Eliminator Trap
Ravenox Sparrow and Starling Eliminator Trap
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Ravenox Sparrow and Starling Eliminator Trap


Ravenox Sparrow and Starling Eliminator Trap

This is the perfect trap to catch unwanted House Sparrows and European Starlings - both of which are invasive species. The Eliminator Trap is constructed using cedar wood, with a green Poly-Tuff roof and access ports. Poly-Tuff will last for years and years. Attach the trap to trees, the sides of buildings, garages, barns or just about anywhere.

This Eliminator Trap is a must have item for Purple Martin and Bluebird enthusiasts looking to reduce the number of unwanted House Sparrows and European Starlings. The trap opens from the front to set the all metal trap mechanism. The highly visible powder coated shutter door will alert you when the trap has been tripped. Simply loosen the wing nut on the side access port and swing it open to give your hand access to catch the bird unharmed.

Overall dimensions: 12-1/2-inches x 9-3/4-inches x 16-inches tall.

This trap works best in the nesting season when starlings and sparrows are looking for places to nest.

We’ve thought through the small details to provide peace of mind and confidence while mastering each twist and turn. Now, it’s up to you. Easy Assembly.

Get started and Order Today! Made in the USA.

Using more than one trap increases your odds of capturing Starlings and Sparrows


Photo shows one trap set and one trap tripped. The trap on the left is set and the trap on the right with the red shutter is tripped.

There are two species of non-native birds, the European Starling and the House Sparrow, which will nest in Purple Martin housing.  Both species were brought over from Europe and should never be permitted to nest in martin housing.  They will take over martin compartments, destroy eggs, and kill nestlings.  They can also prevent martins from nesting and often injure or kill adults.  House Sparrows and European Starlings are not protected and may be legally controlled by trapping.

European Starling

            Ravenox_Purple_Martin_Gourd_House_Deluxe_kit_Bird_Sparrow_Starling_Eliminator_Trap_Sparrow        Ravenox_Purple_Martin_Gourd_House_Deluxe_kit_Bird_Sparrow_Starling_Eliminator_Trap_Sparrow_1

Starlings are larger than Purple Martins, with a stocky body, short tail, and a long yellow beak.  Juvenile starlings may have a black beak.  They have an iridescent purple-green-black coloring. Their winter plumage is brownish with white spots.  They are seed eaters and are oftentimes found on the ground below feeders.

House Sparrow

         Ravenox_Purple_Martin_Gourd_House_Deluxe_kit_Bird_Sparrow_Starling_Eliminator_Trap_House_Sparrow  Ravenox_Purple_Martin_Gourd_House_Deluxe_kit_Bird_Sparrow_Starling_Eliminator_Trap_House_Sparrow_1

There are many different breeds of sparrows—only the House Sparrows are non-native. Other native sparrows such as the Song Sparrow and White-Crowned Sparrows will not be interested in nesting in your Purple Martin housing.

Key Product Features

  • STARLING TRAP LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE: The durable and lightweight materials make for long-lasting use over many years. Starling trap and eliminator is made of all-natural cedar wood and has a green poly-tuf roof and access port. The poly-tuf lasts for years. The trap dimensions are: 12 ½-inch x 9 ¾-inch x 16-inch tall, a sizable retreat for nesting, including proper ventilation and drainage.
  • SPARROW AND STARLING ELIMINATOR TRAP: Simple and easy installation. Excellent backyard décor for the casual spectator and Purple Martin, bird or pet enthusiast. No need for heavy-duty dismantling or re-assemble work.
  • HOUSE SPARROW TRAP: Affix to a tree, garage, home, barn or office building. Purple Martins won’t be attracted and it should leave them unharmed.
  • RAVENOX STARLING TRAP DOOR: House Sparrow and Starling Eliminator Trap is a great trap to catch unwanted house sparrows and European starlings using a trap door. Predators are trying to break down the safe haven for all nesting birds in your backyard. Protect gourds against invasive and non-native sparrows.
  • BIRD TRAP 100% RISK-FREE: We are a USA, CERTIFIED, Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned, Woman-Led business that offers a one-year, money-back guarantee on all house sparrow trap, starling trap and sparrow trap purchases.

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