SuperGourd for Tree Swallows & Bluebirds
SuperGourd for Tree Swallows & Bluebirds
SuperGourd for Tree Swallows & Bluebirds
SuperGourd for Tree Swallows & Bluebirds
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SuperGourd for Tree Swallows & Bluebirds


Ravenox Round-holed SuperGourd (1-1/2" diameter entry hole) for Tree Swallows & Bluebirds

 Ravenox Bluebird SuperGourd for Tree Swallows Bluebirds Wrens Cavity Birds Gourd Purple Martin

This, the “Tree Swallow” SuperGourd is identical to the other two SuperGourd models but has a 1-1/2” diameter entrance hole designed for smaller cavity-nesting birds such as bluebirds, swallows, wrens, and chickadees. It can also double as a House Sparrow trap when combined with the accessory Bluebird SuperGourd Insert Trap.

Durable: SuperGourds are blow-molded in white (sun-reflecting), opaque, high-density polyethylene plastic. They won't rot, peel, split, or crack out in the elements, and won't break if accidentally dropped like natural gourds can. Because they are molded with ultraviolet inhibitors added to the plastic, they have a long life expectancy with virtually no maintenance other than giving a quick scrub at the end of the season.

Easy to Hang: SuperGourds can easily be hung underneath an existing purple martin house, from a gourd rack, or strung on a line between two poles. One set of 1/4" hanging holes (side-to-side) are pre-drilled and will accept a hanging wire; a set of front-to-back holes can easily be drilled by the purchaser if so desired. 

Designed to Benefit Purple Martins: Landlords that use gourds know that they are highly attractive to purple martins (but are the least attractive of all martin housing to House Sparrows or starlings), reduce the risk of owl predation, have high occupancy rates, plus reduce the incidence of fallouts and premature fledging. Now, busy landlords can offer their martins all the advantages of properly-prepared gourds, without investing the time and effort required to grow natural gourds, then add access doors and canopies, or repaint them every year or so.

Landlord Friendly: SuperGourds are ready to hang right out of the box - there's no assembly required. A landlord only needs hanging wire if not using the Deluxe Gourd Rack. SuperGourds are low-to-no maintenance martin housing; no sanding or painting, and nothing to add except stick-on numbers. Everything a person needs to be a better landlord is already there. Balance the cost of a SuperGourd against the years of low-maintenance use you'll get and the advantages for the martins. Then compare the occupancy rate and cost to other types of housing that have, at best, 50% occupancy, or that require annual repainting.

Easy Parasite Control: Nest parasites can decrease nesting success in Purple Martins by 50%. In a SuperGourd, any parasite problem can be remedied simply and safely with a nest replacement. The access port and smooth interior make this easy. The access port also makes it easy to regularly add Diatomaceous Earth, further lowering parasite numbers. SuperGourds have no seams, joints, or crevices in which parasites can hide, breed, or overwinter. No other type of martin housing can claim this advantage.

The Tree Swallow SuperGourd is available in many price saving quantities.
This SuperGourd is a favorite of Tree Swallows as well as Bluebirds, and Wrens!  Simply attach gourd to your own provided Shepherd's Hook. Providing the Tree Swallow with its own gourd keeps them away from purple martin gourds. Gourds entrance should be about eye level or five feet.  

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